About Yefikir

YEFIKIR has been established in 2009 by renowned fashion designer Fikirte Addis. At YEFIKIR we stand for passion and dedication to fashion and the belief of being able to have a positive impact and a holistic connection throughout the supply chain. Through our work we aim to sustain craftsmanship, to empower and support artisans and their families. We want to inspire and empower our team through providing a work environment in which people feel appreciated and safe. We believe in personal and professional growth which can lead to more self-owned businesses. Therefore we created a system that provides dignified work and allows people to up-skill and grow and eventually own their businesses. An ethical way of working is connected to sustainability. We are committed to continuously work towards a more sustainable production system and a sustainable supply chain.

We care for each other. The environment is our ground, our source of life for which we need to care like we care for our lives. We make efforts to shift our designs to zero waste and to up-cycle fabric waste into different products. Further we have strict guidelines within our production how to use electricity and water, how to minimize waste. Through the personal engagement of Fikirte Addis we support the efforts of Fashion Revolution in Ethiopia to create a more transparent and clean fashion industry.